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Design Program

Thank you for choosing Adams Nurseries to help you with your Do-It-Yourself Landscaping Project.

The sure way to your success starts with a well thought out landscape plan.

Please take a moment and help us define your landscape needs by downloading and completing the following information:

Landscape questionaire for Do-It Yourselfers

Correct dimensions and photographs are key to providing you with the correct plans for your needs. Please bring in your three (3) page completed Do-It-Yourself package and photographs, we will then setup an appointment.

Over the years, Adams Nurseries has helped over 4000 "Do-It-Yourselfers" with their landscaping needs. We have had many requests for this service to include Pictorial Catalogs, along with an appointment time with one of our Landscape Specialists to review the plan. In an effort to continue to provide and improve this service and still be able to give you and your design the personal attention you deserve, we have made a few changes in the program.

Considering this is for homeowners to be able to handle the project that we design, we will provide a drawing of only one section of the average yard per packet. When you return your packet complete with photos, dimensions and a brief questionnaire to us to begin the design process, there will be a $100 deposit collected at that time. Then $75 will be deducted from future nursery stock purchases made through our Retail Garden Center that are based on the plan, once they total $300 or more. If you prefer to have both front and back yards done at the same time, the deposit will be $200 and $150 will be deducted from nursery stock purchases of $500 or more.

WHEN YOUR DESIGN IS READY, WE WILL CONTACT YOU TO SET UP AN APPOINTMENT WITH OUR LANDSCAPE SPECIALIST. (Due to heavy demand, during peak season the process can take 2-3 weeks)

During your appointment you will be asked questions, see photos, make changes, review cost estimates, all in a quiet atmosphere with our specialist. If you are ready to make your plant selections at that time, our specialist will assist you every step of the way.

We at Adams Nurseries are excited about our new format because it better meets the needs and requests of our Do-It-Yourself Customers. It also allows us to do a better job at what we do best....Creating the ultimate landscape for you!